License Types

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Analyze 14.0

Node-Locked License

A node-locked license allows Analyze to run on one computer only. Information about the hardware of the computer permitted to run Analyze is encrypted in the license file provided to you by AnalyzeDirect.

Dongle License

A dongle is a small USB device that allows Analyze to run when attached to a Windows-based computer. At this time, dongle licenses are only available for computers running Windows 10.

Floating License

A floating license allows any computer on the network to run Analyze. The number of concurrent users permitted depends on the number of licenses purchased. For example, if only one floating license is purchased, then only one computer may run Analyze at a time.

Floating licenses operate in a “client-server” environment. The floating license is controlled by one computer, called the “server”, which runs the BIRlic license manager. When a computer on the network (called a “client”) tries to run Analyze, it automatically contacts the server via TCP/IP connections and requests to use a license. If a license is available, then the server will issue it to the client computer and it will remain in use until the client exits Analyze.