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Image Registration and Fusion

PET MRI RegistrationRegistration is a 3D imaging process that allows information from different scanning modalities (for example MRI and PET) to be combined into one image space.

The goal of image registration is to determine a spatial transformation that will bring into alignment separately acquired images of the same object. When accurately registered, each separate image will have the same coordinate system and same voxel size, and a voxel in one image will represent the same physical location as the corresponding voxel in the other image. The registration process interpolates the registered images as they are resampled and/or reformatted during the registration process. For example, registration of an axial PET data set to a sagittal MRI data set results in the PET data being transformed (resampled and reformatted) into the sagittal MRI space.

MRI PET Registration

The Registration module in Analyze contains numerous 2D and 3D tools, including surface matching and mutual information, for the most effective registration and fusion of images from different modalities. For details on all of these registration functions, download the Register chapter of the Analyze User’s Guide.