Analyze 15.0

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Analyze 15.0 Measure Tools

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Gain complete access to all of the features and functionality that Analyze 15.0 has to offer. Work with your own image data sets, or one of the many sample data sets provided.

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1D Measurements

  • Sample and log 3D positions of points
  • Measure line intensity and distance
  • Make angle measurements
  • Use two-line tool to quantify angles and distances of complex 2D structures
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2D Measurements

  • Create and sample 2D regions
  • Sample objects on a 2D slice
  • Calculate area, perimeter, intensity and other measurements
  • Create histograms for 2D regions
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3D Measurements

  • Measure volume, intensity, and other parameters
  • Use point counting volume estimation for regions which are difficult to segment
  • Many statistical analysis options are available
  • Create histograms for 3D objects and regions
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