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AnalyzePro Process Tools

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Gain complete access to all of the features and functionality that AnalyzePro has to offer. Work with your own image data sets, or one of the many sample data sets provided.

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Spatial Filters

  • Provides access to 19 image filters
  • Apply 2D or 3D filters to loaded data
  • Supports filtering of objects
  • Allows for user-specified kernel size

Morphological Operations

  • Apply 1D, 2D, or 3D morphological transformations to data
  • Provides topology operations
  • Access common morphological operations: erode, dilate, open, close

Histogram Operations

  • Evenly distribute voxels across the specified intensity output range
  • Map the input intensity range onto a narrower output range in a statistically optimal manner
  • Force the mean or mode of the histogram to specified values
  • Match the intensity distribution to another histogram