Analyze 12.0

Visualization and Analysis Software for Medical Imaging

Analyze Registration Tools

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Gain complete access to all of the features and functionality that Analyze 12.0 has to offer. Work with your own image data sets, or one of the many sample data sets provided.

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2D Registration

  • 2D slice alignment
  • Voxel matching
  • 2D image stack registration
  • Automatically determines geometric transformation parameters
  • Optimized parameters to reduce user input

2D Non-Rigid Registration

  • 2D non-rigid transformations
  • Manual and automatic registration options
  • Warp target image to align with reference image
  • Piecewise linear mapping
  • Supports confocal microscopy images

Point to Surface Registration

  • Point cloud registration
  • Determine the geometric transformation parameters
  • 3D translation, rotation and scaling transformation parameters
  • Register a set of points to a surface
  • Output in a homogeneous 4×4 matrix file

3D Surface Registration

  • Robust surface matching
  • Multiple modality support
  • Apply transformation to object map
  • Display fused image with multiple blend options
  • Interactive image review

3D Voxel Registration

  • Normalized Mutual Information based registration
  • Support for full affine registration with 12 degrees of freedom
  • Powerful image registration optimization tools
  • Export transformed and fused images
  • Supports registration of time series data
  • Register intra- and inter-modality image data

3D Non-Rigid Registration

  • Provides non-rigid registration of 3D volumes
  • Allows users to define register and transform controls
  • Manual translation and rotation for alignment of match to base transformations
  • Display fused image with multiple blend options
  • Cursor link for interactive image review