Analyze 12.0

Visualization and Analysis Software for Medical Imaging

Analyze Process Tools

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Gain complete access to all of the features and functionality that Analyze 12.0 has to offer. Work with your own image data sets, or one of the many sample data sets provided.

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Image Calculator

  • Provides a utility for the mathematical processing of image data
  • Accepts volumes, matrices, constants, and numerical inputs
  • Provides fundamental geometric manipulations
  • Supports data type conversion
  • Easily configured to add advanced mathematical functions

Image Algebra

  • Perform mathematical operations on volumes
  • Intuitive and powerful algebraic formula parser
  • Enter formulas or select from list of predefined processing formulas
  • Supports complex processing procedures

Image Repair

  • Correct bad regions or slices from corrupt input volumes
  • Intuitive image navigation controls
  • Supports removal, erasing, or correction of corrupt areas
  • Provides ability to interpolate between good regions
  • Supports object map correction

Histogram Operations

  • Perform fundamental point operations to modify image histograms
  • Map gray levels from the input range to user specified output range
  • Supports 8-bit and 16-bit image inputs
  • Perform operations over the entire volume histogram or on a slice-by-slice basis
  • Correct for slice-to-slice grayscale bias
  • Supports histogram manipulation: normalization, preservation, and flattening

Spatial Filters

  • Provides access to 21 turnkey image filters
  • Apply 2D or 3D filters to loaded data
  • Supports filtering of sub-volumes
  • Allows for user-specified kernel size
  • Standard filter options, such as: smoothing, edge detection, inhomogeneity correction, etc.

Filter Designer

  • Interactively create 2D image filters
  • Choose pre-defined image filters: high pass, low pass, etc.
  • Perform convolution and deconvolution


  • Apply 3D forward and fast Fourier transformations
  • Supports convolution and deconvoluting of images
  • Smooth, sharpen and perform complex operations on input image