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Volume Metrics

The Analyze Volume Metrics Add-On enables the quantitative comparison of the similarity of multiple volumetric datasets or object maps. Volumetric comparisons using well established parametric and non-parametric statistics can be completed globally or for one or more masks (specified by an object map). The statistics can be used to quantify the efficacy of multiple image processing/enhancements.

Similarity measures for object maps are based on presence/absence contingency maps. Binary statistical similarity measures include symmetric and non-symmetric, two/one-sided normalized and un-normalized, parametric and aggregate measures. Judicious use of all or a subset of these measures will enable robust quantitation of inter- and intra-ratio/algorithm segmentation and registration results.

This Add-On allows the user to:
  1. Assess the similarity of two co-registered three dimensional volumes with/without ROI using parametric (15 measures) and non-parametric (12 measures) similarity indices.
  2. Assess the concordance of different segmentation results with ground truth using 47 popular binary similarity metrics.