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Developers Add-On

The Analyze Developers Add-On allows you to develop exciting new add-on modules to Analyze using the AVW (A Visualization Workshop) image library of more than 700 optimized image processing functions. To see the power of AVW, you need only look as far as the Analyze software package itself, which is built on AVW.

The imaging functions that comprise AVW permit full exploration and analysis of multidimensional and multimodal biomedical image data sets. The software facilitates the development and implementation of advanced imaging algorithms and techniques and easy integration of these into specific applications solutions by imaging software developers. The extensive functionality and interactive speed of this software are unequivocally the key features which distinguish Analyze from other image processing and visualization packages.


The functions that make up AVW are accessible to software developers to build advanced image-based application solutions. While only one linkable library is provided, the functionality in AVW can be separated into eight distinct functional groups: ImageIO, Resource, Transform, Process, Segment, Analysis, Visualize and Model.


The ImageIO functions provide a user-extendable interface which enables the reading and writing of images in many common formats.


The Resource functions include the basic routines to create and destroy many of the AVW structures. Also included are list management, verification, and byte swapping routines.


The Transform functions include 2D & 3D spatial transformations, densitometric transformations and mathematical transformations. The functions necessary for oblique and curved sectioning, wavelet enhancement and compression transformations, and image registration/fusion are also included in this group.


The Process functions provide a wide variety of histogram operations, spatial/convolution filtering, 3D FFTs, 3D Fourier domain filtering and 3D deconvolution, including fast nonlinear iterative methods.


The Segment functions include thresholding, 2D & 3D region growing, automated boundary detection, creation of object maps, multiresolution decomposition, morphological processing and multispectral classification.


The Analysis functions include extraction of line profiles and sampling of ROIs. ROI sampling functions include the computation of size density, shape, and texture parameters (e.g. area, mean, circularity, fractal signature).


The Visualize functions provide all operations necessary to support 3D display using volume and surface rendering. Supported algorithms for volume rendering include depth-only shading, depth gradient shading, voxel gradient shading, integrated surface projection, maximum intensity projection and summation projection. Multiple object creation and rendering, color transparency (24-bit), image extraction tools, and image measurement tools are supported in conjunction with the volume rendering functions.


The Modeling functions provides the function to create and extract tiled surfaces from segmented volumes and object maps. The tiled surfaces can be saved in a variety of common surface modeling formats.

Who should use the Developers Add-On?

The Developers Add-On is designed for users who have substantial experience in C and Tcl/Tk development. All documentation and support provided for the Analyze Developers Add-On assumes that the user is extremely familiar with and has substantial experience in software development. If you are not a software developer, we advise against ordering this product.

Runtime Licenses

New Analyze modules and extensions developed using the Analyze Developers Add-On can be run on the system on which Analyze and the Developers Add-On is installed. For further distribution of developed products, runtime licenses must be purchased. The runtime license fee depends on the individual situation of every product and customer. For pricing information on runtime licenses please contact us.

Commercial Product Development using AVW

Software developers who wish to develop new commercial products using the AVW product need to purchase a license for AVW. This is a standalone product that currently can be purchased directly from Mayo Medical Ventures. Please contact us to find out how to get access to this development product.