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Gain complete access to all of the features and functionality that Analyze 12.0 has to offer. Work with your own image data sets, or one of the many sample data sets provided.

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Bone Microarchitecture Analysis Add-On

  • Automatic histogram-based segmentation for cortical and trabecular bone definition
  • Cortex, cortical pores and trabecular tissue isolation
  • Wide range of statistics for cortical and trabecular bone
  • Bone mineral density calibration and measurement
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  • Identify and register cerebral voxels in ictal and interictal SPECT
  • Normalize and subtract SPECT data
  • Determine statistical regions of activation from subtracted SPECT data
  • Generate activation map from ictal and interictal SPECT data
  • Register SPECT and MRI to create a fused activation image
  • 3D activation map review
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Mayo 3D Brain Atlas Add-On

  • Interactive AC-PC alignment and scaling to Talairach-Tournoux space
  • Semi-automatic brain segmentation
  • Single- or multi-point query of Talairach image space
  • Output of atlas-derived anatomical component maps
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Diffusion Tensor Imaging Add-On

  • Generate standard diffusion-weighted MRI maps
  • Provides white matter fiber tract computation and visualization
  • FA sampling and fiber bundle export
  • Export the sub-voxel coordinates of each fiber
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T2 Projection Add-On

  • Enhance contrast between tissue types
  • Manipulate relaxation time and echo time
  • Export derived T2 volumes
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Volume Metrics Add-On

  • Generate similarity matrices between two input volumes
  • Parametric, non-parametric, and binary similarity values
  • Object map support
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Developers Add-On

  • User interface independent
  • 700+ imaging functions
  • Optimized for increased performance
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